Message To My Future Self

Monday, August 17, 2015

Life is moving quickly. Very, very quickly. I am already 17, and able to drive!! Can someone find a way to slow down time? I want to make my teen years last, I only have two of them left!! So I thought I would write a message to my future self, whether I read this in six months, a year, or two! I just want something to help me remember that things get better! 

Friday 14th August 2015

Dear Konnie, 

I know things don't always go how you want them to, the past 6 years are proof. Remember that although life may be tough, everything will work out in the end. 

I hope you are still grateful of everything. Your family, your pets, your life. Everything. 

Remember to make times for friends and other important people in your life. But also remember you don't need certain people in your life to be happy. If they want you in their life, they will stay in contact. If not, stuff them.

Treasure little memories. They may not seem big to you at the time, but in the future, you will want those to help you keep striding forward. 

Do what you love. If you don't enjoy what you do, then change it. This is your life, and you only have one go at it. Make use of this life and your choices. 

I hope you have learnt to unicycle, if not, you better be nearly there at least! I need to be good at that thing!!

Every couple of days, please just go out for a walk. On your own, with Bear, with Griff, with a friend. Just go for a walk. It will help clear your head, and not only will you be getting fresh air, but all get to enjoy the gorgeous countryside you live in. 

And lastly, remember to be happy. It may sometimes seem hard to try and see the light in certain situations, but there will always be the light at the end of the tunnel. Happiness is a choice, make use of this choice whilst you can.


Au revoir mes amis, 


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