Max: Film Review

Thursday, August 27, 2015

I'm a huge film fanatic! Especially when it involves animals! That's what initially drew me to this film, Max.

Max is a film about a German Shepherd (Pictured above), and his story after coming back from the war. It's a gorgeous film, which is both tear inducing, heart retching and soul enlightening. There isn't a film quite like it. 

One of the main reasons I wanted to watch this movie was because it has Luke Kleintank. To me Luke is Finn Abernathy from Bones! The lovely Southern American intern who made a business with Hodgins selling hot sauce! To see him instead as a hard core Marine, was very strange! 

I find films with animals to be quite hard to watch, because you know that either something is going to happen to them or something already has. In Max's case, he already had gone through a big ordeal. He's a marine. He was trained as one. He goes out and serves his country. Out in the war zone. For him to come back, (without his handler), away from the bomb explosions, the shooting, is just as hard as it can be for humans. It's heart breaking watching him try to make sense of it. I was crying with 15 minutes of the film. Not just like a single tear running down my face, like sobbing. There is something about Man's Best Friend and the connection between them. Something so special, nothing can get in the way. 

It really brought light to me, the different views of people about dogs. I know there are quite a few people who are fearful of them, due to either 'personal' experiences, or stories about rabid dogs. I'm definitely not one of those people, dogs are something I have loved ever since I was young. I shouldn't as when I was around 6/7, I was bitten by my grandparents dog on my face. I still have the scars (The 'dimple' on my left cheek, isn't really a dimple). I don't fear dogs, I know what they are capable of, and what they are not. They are loving creatures, who will follow commands, they just have to be taught correctly. Service dogs are a perfect example. German Shepherds are meant to be protection dogs. They are known sometimes for their protective behaviour and loyalty. However when trained correctly, they can be harmless creatures and one of the most loyal breeds in my opinion. 

At first, I thought this film was going to be similar to Marley and Me. This scared me a bit, I wasn't prepared for that type of emotional pain. There was a moment, when I thought it would re-create a similar storyline. However, it turned out the opposite and instead of me crying tears of sadness, they changed to tears of relief. 

It's an amazing film, that I would watch again and recommend. It's such a gorgeous film, and I want the dog who played 'Max'. The amount of training that dog must have, I can't think of how long it took. I now hope my new puppy, Griff, is going to be aswell trained as Max is. 

I also loved the fact that Robbie Amell is in the movie! That man is b-e-a-utiful. Although, he isn't in as much as I would have liked ;-)!

I really recommend you go and watch the film though. It is now one of my favourites!

Au revoir mes petits amours,


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