Dakotas Way

Monday, August 17, 2015

Dakotas Way


23rd February 2015

Do you ever sit and wonder if there is a God? I feel like I have spent many, many spare moments wondering whether God exists. This question normally splits a nation. There are people who solely believe in God and everything he does, and then people who refuse to accept there could be an immortal being who is in control of everything we do. 

I’m an atheist. I don’t believe there is a God. Or an Allah, or any other deity. We came from evolution. Now, I am atheist for a number of reasons. First, I don’t believe there could ever be an immortal being controlling the world, or creating it. Second, many people are religious and believe in God, because that it what they were brought up believing. Lastly, I can’t believe that someone would create such an imperfect world. Why would an immortal being, create a world where so much could go wrong and there are things like natural disasters, diseases, famine, hunger, etc. 

My name is Dakota, and at the age of 18, the doctors found an inoperable brain tumour. 


So, I've been a huge fan of Wattpad for a number of years. (If you don't know Wattpad, is a website and app, that you can use to either create small books for others to read, or read books other have written.) I have always considered writing a story to put on there and see how it all turns out. Today, I found that I really wanted to just sit and type up a story. Ever since I was about 8, I've loved just sitting down at a computer and writing a story. I just find something about it relaxing. So yeah, if you are interested, here's a link to read the first chapter: Dakotas Way Chapter 1

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment how you feel, and what I could improve on. 

Au revoir et profites de mes petits amours. 


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  1. Wow you sound incredible and I have to agree with what you have said here. While I do define myself as a christian, I often find myself wondering why my life has turned out the way it has and why the world is the way it is if there is some God above me....

    xx aubsmeetsblog.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Aubrey,

      Thank you very much! I think no matter what religion you are or are not, we always wonder about these things, and no-one has really tried to express this.



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